Vote YES on L to ensure local students and veterans have access to affordable, quality education at Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College. 


Because the cost of attending the Cal-State,  UC systems and private universities has become so expensive, more students are starting their education at community colleges. Nearly 1/3 of local high school graduates rely on our community colleges for higher education and career training. 


We need Measure L to upgrade Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College, so middle income and low income students who can’t afford the high price of university still have an opportunity to succeed in college and careers.  


Measure L also improves our Student and Veterans’ Centers so the thousands of military veterans returning from service receive the job training, job placement, counseling and support they need.

Vote YES on L:

  • Upgrade classrooms and labs to help students complete the first two years of college affordably, and transfer to the Cal-State or UC systems

  • Repair leaky roofs, old rusty plumbing, faulty electrical systems and dry rotted beams

  • Modernize school facilities to improve access for students with disabilities

  • Improve student safety and campus security systems

  • Upgrade classrooms, labs, and career training facilities for science, technology, engineering, math, biotech and skilled trades

Clear System of Fiscal Accountability:

  • Every penny of Measure L stays local to support Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College – no funds can be taken by the State 

  • A project list, Citizens' Oversight Committee and independent audits are required 

  • By law, no funds can be spent on staff salaries or pensions

Our community relies on Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College to educate the healthcare professionals, police, firefighters and skilled workers who keep us healthy, safe, and fuel our economy.


Education, business and community leaders agree: Vote YES on L to provide the affordable, quality education our students deserve.

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